17 March 2022

Rockhammer With Stevie J-Show 102 Featuring Thin Lizzy

Stevie J plays the following tracks:

Dream Widow-March Of The Insane
Thin Lizzy-Are You Ready
The Watchers-I Am The Dark
Night Demon-Kill The Pain
Motorhead-Stone Dead Forever
White Raven Down-Masquerade
Orbital Junction-Creep
Thin Lizzy-Cold Sweat
Kira Mac-One Way Ticket
DiamondHead-No Remorse
Saxon-The Pilgrimage
Black Tooth Grin-This Fucking Bullet
Motorhead-When The Sky Comes Looking For You
Jumping Jack-She Made No Resist
Thin Lizzy-The Rocker
Hot Ram-Conamara Chaos
Tygers Of Pan Tang-Dust
Scorpions-Gas In The Tank
Thin Lizzy-Thunder And Lightning
Dee Snider-Stand