01 July 2021

Rockhammer Show 67 with Stevie J Featuring Rob Zombie.


Stevie J plays the following tracks:

Motorhead-We are the Road Crew
Rob Zombie-The Triumph of King Freak
Florence Black-Bird on a Chain
Alien Weaponry-Tangaroa
Hot Ram=Pink Droid
Metallica-Hit the lights
Ozzy Osbourne-Now you see it (now you don’t)
Hippie Death Cult-Red Meat Tricks
Rob Zombie-Dragula
White Raven Down-Not Alone
Bokassa-Careless (in the age of alturism)
Havok-The Cleric
Warbringer-Remain Violent
Stoned Jesus-Here come the robots
Rob Zombie-Feel so numb
King Buffalo-Hebation
Mourn the Light-When the fear subsides
System of a Down-Protect the Land
Clutch-Fortunate Son
Rob Zombie-Scum of the earth
Hjelvik-North Tsar
Aphrodytes Child-The four horsemen