27 May 2021

Rockhammer Show 62 with Stevie J featuring Van Halen

Stevie J features Van Halen and plays the following tracks:

Monster Magnet-Mr Destroyer
Van Halen-Loss of Control
Motorhead-Killed by death
Marshall Law-Leviathan
Hot Ram-The Grave of Arch Stanton
Van Halen-Me wise magic
Emigrate-Rock City
Slayer-Raining Blood
Venues-Uncaged Birds
Blind River-Going nowhere
King Creature-Desolation
Bloody Hammers-Twilight Zone
Van Halen-Unchained
All Wasted-Passion of crime
Racer X-Technical difficulties
Motorhead-Rock it
Segregates-Preach to me
Van Halen-Girl gone bad
Bokassa-So Long Idiots
Stonebirds-Stay Clean
Earthless-Black Heaven
Van Halen-Happy Trails