01 April 2021

Rockhammer show 54 with Stevie J featuring Heaven’s Basement

Stevie J Played the following Tracks:

Metal Church-The Dark
Heavens Basement-Welcome Home
Unknown Refuge-Wall of Lies
The Age of Ore-Deadline
Bone Church-Witch in the Cellar
Motorhead-Iron Horse/Born to lose
Stonebirds-Stay Clean
All Men Must Die-Under Pressure
Armored Saint-Missile to Gun
Judas Priest-Green Manalishi
Orange Goblin-Sons of Salem
Monolord-I’m staying Home
Alitor-The Tempest within
Heavens Basement-I’m Electric
Anthrax-Gung Ho
Slayer-Angel of Death
Heavens Basement-Fire, Fire
Pop Evil-Set me free
Monster Magnet-Mr Destroyer
Motorjesus-Car Wars
Heavens Basement-Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch