06 May 2021

Rockhammer MotorheadMAYhem with Stevie J featuring..errr.. Motorhead

Join Stevie J for 2 Hours of Motorhead MAYhem in celebration of the 8th of May- Motorhead day!

During the show Stevie J talks to Lucas Fox, founder member/Drummer. The full interview is here:

Motorhead-Overkill Motorhead-Shoot you in the back Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons-High Rule
Motorhead-You Better Swim Motorhead-Iron Horse/Born to lose Hawkwind-Assault and Battery
Motorhead-Shine Motorhead-Lost Johnny Probot-Shake your Blood Motorhead-Orgasmatron
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons-We’re the Bastards Metallica & Lemmy-Enter Sandman
Motorhead-The Hammer Motorhead-Sword of Glory  Lemmy-It’s a long way to the top Motorhead-Vibrator
Fastway-Girl Motorhead-Killed by Death Motorhead-White Line Fever Dichroma-War For War
Leader of a down-Paradise turned into dust Motorhead-In the name of tragedy Motorhead-Metropolis