04 December 2021

The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary: Skid Row & Dawn After Dark Special

This week’s descent into this DJ’s hole is one of tunes, noize and reflection. Talking replacement Christmas decorations with pin ups and tinsel, eating too much cake and a double whammy of featured bands!!! Three tracks from Dawn After Dark and their new album New Dawn Rising – and over to the new remastered Skid Row Box Set: The Atlantic Years (1989-1996).

More tunes from: Crashdiet / Daxx & Roxanne / Rust N Rage / Giant / Jizzy Pearl’s Love Hate / Gun / Quickstrike / Girish and the Chronicles / Scarlet Rebels / Carr Jam / Gypsy Pistoleros / ACDC / Ratt / Loudness / Michael Monroe / Von Groove / Slaughter / Europe / Kiss

More of a party mode in the run up to Christmas on The Rock N Roll Penitentiary starting next week…

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