26 August 2019

Pop Punk Punchout – That 90s Kid 21.08.19

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That 90’s Kid presents the soundtrack of a generation. Every week, That 90s Kid takes Wednesday Nights through the generation of music that started in 1990. We talk News, Wrestling and the Hot Topic of the Week. With a whole section, dedicated to the glory of the Moshpit….

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Blink 182 – Darkside
Neck Deep – Where Do We Go When We Go
Green Day – Basket Case
Leave It To Us – Guilty Pleasure
Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue
AFI – Miss Murder
The Ataris – The Boys Of Summer
Dune Rats – No Plans
Between You & Me – Famous
No Doubt – Just a Girl
Billie Eilish – Bad Guy
Point North  – Ghost In My House
Silverstein – Burn It Down
Calling All Captains – Chasing Ghosts
First and Forever – Chicago
Arrows in Action – Denim
Carousel Kings – Lock Meowt
Yours Truly – I Cant Feel
Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi
With Confidence – Moving Boxes
+44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating
The Bottom Line – In Your Memory
Nine Days – Absolutely
Boys of Fall – Something to Say
Veara – The Well
Real Friends – Me First
Misery Kids – Nerve
The Story So Far – Things I Cant Change