09 November 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 9th November 2019

The Pete K Mally Breakfast Show.

Guns n Roses – Right next door to hell

INXS – Good time

Collateral – Mr Big Shot

Kickin Valentina – Devil’s Hand

Mad Haven – Are you ready?

Metallica – The memory remains

Takeaway thieves – I wish you were dead

Wildstreets – Poison Kiss

These Wicked Rivers – Dont pray for me

Those Damn Crows – Set in stone

Those Damn Crows – Rock n Roll Aint dead

Motley Crue – Home sweet home

Florence Black – Pierrepoint

Vixen – Rev it up

The Room – The Golden one

Sixx A:M – This is gonna hurt

Jesses Divide – Space wolf

Ryders Creed – Raise the hoof

Empyre – New republic

Beatallica – Fuel on the hill