03 May 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 4th May


The first Saturday in May and what a way to celebrate. More new music and old favourites – including

Rocket from the Crypt – On a rope
Quireboys – Man on the loose
Black King Cobra – Blood Rush
Scarlet Rebels – Say my name
Poison – Ride the Wind
The Wildhearts – Someone who wont let you go
The Senton Bombs – Reckless Youth
Heartbreak Remedy – Thrill Me, Kill me
Black Stone Cherry – Like I roll
Tomorrow is Lost – Shadowman
Scott Beveridge Project – My sweet pain
Whitesnake – Sailing Ships
Baleful Creed – Devil’s side
Breaking waves – Big trouble
Luke Appleton – Three eyed crow
Alice Cooper – Spark in the Dark
Building Giants – Stomping
Cheap Trick – Radio Lover
Therapy – Loose
The Room – It’s not my home
Gin Annie – 100% proof