02 December 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 30th November 2019


The Almighty – Full force loving machine
Coverdale/Plant – Shake your tree
Shyynne – Broken Girl
Graces Collide – Ride
Queen – Don’t try so hard
Extreme – When I’m presidenr
Massive Wagons – Back to the stack
Kickin Valentina – Crazy
Michael Munroe – 18 angels
Iron Maiden – Murder in the rue morgue
Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Secrets
The Autumn Killers – When angels lie
Cats in Space – September rain
Guns n Roses – November rain
Richie Sambora – Weatherin the storm
The Darkness – One way ticket to hell and back
Therapy – Stories
Skarlet Riot -Feel
Whitesnake – Bad boys
The suicide notes – take a bullet for me
Terrorvision – Discoteque Wreck