28 June 2020

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 27th June 2020

The Pete K Mally Breakfast Show.
Featuring the brilliant;
The Bewitched – Hart to Hart
Poison – Valley of Lost Souls
The Jamie Porter Band – Ready for Action
Extreme – Take Us Alive
Dead Girls Academy – No Way Out
Iron Maiden – Man on the Edge
Dio – Rainbow In the Dark
Liar Thief Bandit – Virtue not a vice
Caine – We are What we Are
Slash – World on Fire
Queen – Great King Rat
The Outlaw Orchestra – Chicken Fried Snake
Fallen Mafia – Breathe
Piston – Breathe
Whitesnake – Straight from the Heart
Joe Satriana – Littleworth Lane
Faith No More – Stripsearch
Prince – Purple Rain
Forlorn Hope – Rifles
Brian May – Driven By You
Jon Bon Jovi – Sante Fe
Frank Sinatra – Thats Life
Helloween – I want out
Dead Shed Jokers – Aesopica #15