20 July 2020

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 18th July 2020

Including the brilliant;
Massive Wagons – Tokyo
Guns N Roses – Better
False Hearts – Remedy
Ryders Creed – Cut Me Down
Wolf Jaw – Hurricane
Scarlet Rebels – Heal
Iron Maiden -The Red and The Black
Coverdale/Page – Shake My Tree
Black Tree Vultures – Bitter
Whitesnake – Fool for your Loving
Tesla – You Wont Take Me Alive
Dio – Don’t Talk to Stranm
Sixx A:M -This is Gonna Hurt
Queen – Dont Try To Hard
Extreme – Stop the World
The Black Crowes – Ballad in Urgency
Jack J Hutchinson – Lucky Man
Hollowstar – Good Man Gone
Last of The Misfit Heroes – Misfit, misplaced
Hand of Dimes – Pinstriped arrogance
Tomorrow is Lost – White Noise
Aerosmith – Shut up and Dance
TV Theme tune orchestra – The A Team