11 August 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 10th August 2019


Skid Row – Sweet Little Sister

Faith No More – Digging the Grave

Fallen Mafia – Dirty

Wayward Sons – Jokes on you

The Wildhearts – Let Em Go

Falling Red – My Town my City

Naked Six – Broken Fairytale

Marillion – Warm wet circles

Twister – Young and affected

Crazy Lixx – Wicked

Massive Wagons – Hate me

Metallica – Fuel

Steve n Seagulls – Nothing else matters

Alice Cooper – Bed of Nails

Slash – Halo

Dead Mans Whiskey – Make me proud

Spread Eagle – 29th February

Scarlet Rebels – No one else to blame

The Lazy’s – Little Miss Crazy

Salvation Jayne – Salvation Jayne

Iron Maiden – Coming home

Warrior Soul – Rock n roll disease

Concrete Kingdoms – Time to play

Order of the Emperor – Back to the roots

Cellar Door Moon Crow – Whistler