30 August 2020

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 29.08.2020


Afternoon my lovely metalheads it’s time for another Pedal To The Metal podcast Saturday evening’s Lucky dip bag of goodness and Saturday we celebrated my RL Birthday yay. Our Album of the week was an underrated New wave corker from the eighties with #Fashion‘s fabrique plus New music from Ransom.rocks | KAMELOT | Protokult | Amaranthe | Unleash The Archers | The Unguided | Jakko Jakszyk | Julian Shah-Tayler Aka The Singularity Music | NoN | iLiKETRAiNS | #Renard | and some of my favourite tunes from | Gary Numan Official | Ice Nine Kills | Helloween | Rammstein | Motionless In White | AND ONE and Alter Bridge Warning good times ahead and a little swearing will be the order of the day but by the bands and not me  Well maybe a minor word popped out. But but it’s my birthday


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