26 May 2019

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 25.05.2019

Wow another week and another PTTM in full effect. It’s hard we know juggling your entertainment and you missed this show on the day it was broadcasted but hey no biggie because here it is for you to listen to.

This weeks music included:

Kiss – Crazy Crazy Nights
Big Cock – M.I.L.F.
Bangalore Choir – All Or Nothin’
Symphony X – To Hell and Back
Black Sites – Dwell Upon The End
Cellar Darling – Drown
Helloween – Gambling With The Devil
Hatebreed – Before the Fight Ends You
Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera (Live)
Manowar – Gloves of Metal
Rotting Christ – Hallowed Be Thy Name
Exumer – He’s a Woman – She’s a Man
Blackhearth – The Truth You´ve Missed
Bloodhound – In The Name Of Metal
Beyond The Mirror – A Simple Reason
ZZ Top – Rough Boy
Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood
Thor – As the Dragon Flies
Týr – Downhill Drunk
Steelwings – My Rock Is Hot
Overkill – Batshitcrazy

Hope it makes you happy and don’t forget we do it all over again next week between 6 and 8pm only on https://mmhradio.co.uk/