20 September 2020

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 19.09.2020


Wow is it that time again already? Yep another PTTM Podcast and as promised we have a hair metal special that is guaranteed to put a great big mother trucking smile on your face, expect music from

Stryper   |   THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB   |   Motley Crue   |   Poison   |    #BritnyFox    |   Tigertailz   |   #Vain   |    Bon Jovi   |    Shotgun Messiah   |   Reckless Love   |   Scorpions   |   The Quireboys – This Is Rock And Roll   |   #Cinderella    |   Europe  |   RATT  |  #FarCorporation   |   Celafain Vain – Official  |   #NeedlePark   | #LegsUp  |   Elektradrive   |   #TheBigSkip  |  #NicenSleazy   |   Lord Tracy  |   #MotherMercy  |  Queensrÿche, and  #BangaloreChoir

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