16 February 2020

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 15.02.2020

Saturday’s Pedal To The Metal was fresher than a Dead Daisies concert with music from

The Massacre Cave – From the Mountains
Beau Bowen – A Rock And Roll Story
Blacktop Mojo – Come Get Your Coat
Green Day – Father Of All…
Corona Nimbus – Paradise
Delain – Masters of Destiny (Orchestral Version)
67 Kung-Fu Eskimos – Now’s The Time
Dark Sarah – Pirates
Isidris – One in a Million
Pallas – The XXV Suite
Storm – Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Sylosis – Cycle of Suffering
Sepultura – Fear; Pain; Chaos; Suffering
Avenged Sevenfold – Girl I Know
Loathe – A Sad Cartoon
Stone Temple Pilots – She’s My Queen
Pendragon – Who Really Are We?
VNV Nation – Illusion
Schiller With Kim Sanders – Let Me Love You
The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels
Dead Rivals – Bite the Poison
Citizen Wolfe – Toy Soldiers

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