22 August 2020

Pedal To The Metal Ben Jekyll Takeover

Whist Mighty Mark is away, The UK HC mice will play, featuring a set loaded with some of the best in UKHC from its glory days.

Well, my glory days, the scene is still gloriously alive, but I went on a rose tinged nostalgic road trip from my youth with music from

Earthtone9 – tat twam asi
Stampin Ground – don`t need a reason to hate
Medulla Nocte – a.c.a 
Raging Speedhorn – fuck the voodooman
dub war – strike it
Vacant Stare = w.m.f.m.s.
Landmine Spring – maggots
Underule – whisper words of war
Malevolence – wasted breath
TRC – we bring war
Enemo J – son of the elohiem
Onedice – bang against a brick wall
Assert – truth can be explosive
The Hyde Project – the funny thing is they all said no
The Blueprint – anatomy of a hero
This Is Menace – avenue of heroes
Sikth – hold my finger
Hundred Reasons – what thought did
Exit Ten – fine night
Funeral For A Friend – escape artists never die
Exit Wound – seek no cover
Hondo Maclean – lola`s pictures
Freebase – body about to burst
Knuckledust – dust to dust
Napalm Death – Lowpoint

Catch Mighty Mark and Pedal To The Metal every Saturday from 6-8pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk 

You can catch this weeks fill in host, Ben Jekyll also on a Saturday on mmhradio.co.uk from 8-10pm UK time.