13 April 2019

Panic at the Disco Vs My Chemical Romance – That 90s Kid 10.04.19

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That 90’s Kid Presents “Band Wars”. Two Iconic Bands of Rock and Metal will battle it out for total domination….

This Month’s Bands are…..


Panic at the Disco V My Chemical Romance


So Join me, That 90’s Kid for Band Wars, Exclusively to Midlands Metalheads Radio.

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Skindred – That’s My Jam
Panic at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon
My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na Na
Weezer – Buddy Holly
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Panic at the Disco – Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off
My Chemical Romance – Mama
Bullet For My Valentine – Radioactive
Linkin Park – What Ive Done
Set It Off – Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
Panic at the Disco – Victorious
My Chemical Romance – Its Not Okay
Of Virtue – Surrounded
Paramore – Ignorance
Neck Deep – Where do we go when we go
Panic at the Disco – Say Amen
My Chemical Romance – Teenagers
Lamb of God – Redneck
Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
Panic at the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa
My Chemical Romance – Helena
Mallory Knox – Sugar
Radiohead – Creep
No Doubt – Don’t Speak
Panic at the Disco – I Write Sins, Not Tragedies
My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade
The Dead Rabbitts – Dead Again
Affiance – Africa