24 November 2020

No Regrets 24/11/20

No Regrets is two hours of punk, metal, metalpunk, and hardcore with a smattering of rock n’ roll for good measure. All selected from Smell’s Vinyl Record collection. Expect chaos. No Requests. NO REGRETS.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 6-8pm GMT | 7 am – 9 pm CET | 10-noon PST | 1-3 am EST

Motorhead-Stagefright Crash and Burn
The Wheelz-Wanna get drunk
The Pogues-Hells ditch
The Pogues with Joe Strummer-I should fall from the grace of god
Persevere-Red impulse
Skull N Bone-Its my world
Auschwitz Rats-Battalion of the dead
Tiger Junkies-D beat street rock n rollers
Huey Piano smith and the clowns-Rockin pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu
Howling Wolf-Smokestack lightning
David Bowie-The next day
Little villains-All the flack
The Dwarves-Relentless
GG Allin-Bite it you scum
The Adolescents-Crayon World
Dead cross-My perfect prisoner
Die wasted-Party to the hells
Iron fist-Die wasted on doomsday
Nofx-Liza and Louise
Comply or die-The right
Comply or die-Shes on the street