22 December 2020

No Regrets 22/12/20 END OF YEAR SPECIAL

All the finest records purchased this year, and the top 3 Records in Smells 2020 collection.


Motorhead -Bomber

Alvin Gibbs and the Disobedient servants-History

Alvin Gibbs and the Disobedient servants-If only

Body count-Bum rush

Body count-The hate is real

Levellers-Food roof family

Levellers-Our new day

Unholy night-Evil Rock N Roll

Revolt-Over the edge

Headcat 13-Lets go crazy

Headcat 13-Come out and play

Phil Campbell and the bastard sons-Hatemachine

Phil Campbell and the bastard sons-Destroyed



Motorhead-City Kids


Segregates-Preach to me

Segregates-Sands of time

DeathMace-Coffin Maggots

DeathMace-Nuclear soul stealer

Sleaford Mods BHS

Sleaford mods-Jobseeker

CRO MAGS-Dont give in

CRO MAGS-Dont talk about it

CRO MAGS-No ones victm

CRO MAGS-Life on earth