17 November 2020

No Regrets 17/11/20

No Regrets is two hours of punk, metal, metalpunk, and hardcore with a smattering of rock n’ roll for good measure. All selected from Smell’s Vinyl Record collection. Expect chaos. No Requests. NO REGRETS.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 6-8pm GMT | 7 am – 9 pm CET | 10-noon PST | 1-3 am EST

Motorhead-Brave new world
Broken bones-Civil war
Revolt-Over the edge
Cromags-From the grave
Phil Campbell and the Bastard sons-Destroyed
Contempt-Cult of celebrity
Oxymoron-Crazy world
Wilko Johnson-Ice on the motorway
Levellers-Generation fear
The Adicts-Joker in the pack
Mean Jeans-Night of the creeps
Macc Lads-Sweaty Betty
Antinowhere League-There is no god
Speedwolf-I am the demon
Bludwulf-Road of death
Children of technology-Post nuclear quarantine
Segregates-Sands of time
Status quo-Is there a better way
The Rejects-Leave it
Third world chaos-Sophisticated brat
Black flag-TV Party
Sleaford mods-Shelf life