25 August 2014


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the orsis club

Norway´s masters of blackened sonic evil 1349 release the first out of 5 teaser videos for the upcoming full-length “Massive Cauldron of Chaos” today! Here is the youtube video for you:

Four years after the release of the great “Demonoir” and 1349 return with a deadly vengeance. On the 29th of September “Massive Cauldron of Chaos” is set to be released through Indie Recordings worldwide, except for North America, where Season of Mist will be handling the album.

Order your copy HERE!

Here is a comment from the band:
“We entered the studio with an idea of putting everything that 1349 has ever been about into a cauldron, stir it well, and pour in some fresh ingredients – as well as some strange old ones – and come up with our most potent elixir ever. And we brought the spirit to match the ambitious attempt. Boil, boil, toil and trouble…Behold! We have made the most delightfully intoxicating and dangerous potion you can dream of. FEEL THE FIRE! And Hail Hell.”

And Joathan Selzer of Metal Hammer UK wrote this about the new album:
“Ravn, Archaon, Seidemann and legendary drummer Frost have gone for an all-out assault this time around, full of rampaging whorls, militaristic blasts and even moments of speed metal amongst the supreme necrotic carnage.”
This spring 1349 toured The US supporting Behemoth and played for sold out venues, and this spring the band shall return to the States again! Europe will also be granted a visit this fall; make sure not to miss the Aural Hellfire as it blaze through your neighborhood!

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