25 May 2020

Mr B’s Top 10 Album Thingy – 25th May 2020

So, this is what happens when you are asked to play a track from 10 albums that influenced your musical tastes. So many tunes, so many great memories. It would be easier to tickle the tender testes of an angry bear who has just come home from the office after an awful day to find you in bed with his wife wearing his favourite pyjamas whilst juggling 2 hornet’s nests with one hand!

I could easily add so many more but here are 10 to be going on with until we do this all over again!



The Jam – The Modern World
AC/DC – Touch Too Much
REO Speedwagon – Take it on the run
Paul Weller – Above the Clouds
Dire Straits – It never rains
BOC – Astronomy
Gary Moore – Still got the blues for you
Hawkwind – Spirit Of The Age
Joe Satriani – Can’t slow down
The Hamsters – Little Wing