27 December 2021

Moon And Stars- Sound Of The Underground- Hex-Mas Day Special

Hails guys \m/


In case you missed the Hex-mas Day special. Featuring a Sound Of The Underground Special,only on MMH The Home Of Rock Radio.


  1. Behemoth- Slaves Shall Serve
  2. Belphegor- Nacrodamon Terrorsathan
  3. DeathCvlt- Enternal Darkness
  4. Shrouded In Darkness-Under The Weeping Sky
  5. Enslaved--Caravans To The Outer Worlds
  6. Han-Breathing The Void
  7. Downcross- Light Bearer Of Chaos Fire
  8. Self Imposed Exile-Mountainside
  9. Kirkenbrau/Viseguard Split- Black Metal Blues
  10. Tummandoomband- Dreadlord


Stay safe!

Moon And Stars Sound Of The Underground-Hex-mas Special (podbean.com)