23 May 2020

Moon And Stars- Sound Of The Underground 22.05.20

Latest podcast up featuring Moon And Stars In Sound Of The Underground.

On this weeks show!

  1. Ruadh-Winters Light
  2. Revenge-Oath Violater
  3. Iku-Turso-Kuolematon
  4. Ater-D’oere
  5. Aslak-Under The Aries Sign
  6. In Divenire-Notti d Estate
  7. Bathory-Blooded Shore
  8. Downcross-Current Towards End
  9. Behemoth ft Niklas Kvarforth- A Forest
  10. Tumanduumband-Cursed With Blackened Tongues
  11. Trinity-Damnable Desire
  12. Sacrilegious Rites-Et Diabolous Incarnatus Est
  13. Universal Disorder-In The Great Circle Of Time
  14. Aeterna Tenebrae-Le Moine Sans Tete
  15. Inlandsys-Sacrificed Generation
  16. Kari Rueslatten- Storefjell


This is a temporary show in full support of the underground Black Metal scene during these difficult times.

Have a submission email in at info@mmhradio.co.uk and subject moon and stars.