04 January 2021

Losin It With Luscious show #33 BellRays UK debut plus worldwide punks!

Originally broadcast on 04-01-21, Losin’ It With Luscious # 33 is bratty, puerile, mature, thoughtful, nihilistic, subtle, unhinged, opinionated commentary and music thrown at the listener like so much rotten, yet strange fruit. From new unknown talents to punk rock royalty, this episode is no exception!

This week features the UK debut of a brand new tune by Lisa Kakaula of The BellRays produced by Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves, a look at the new UK underground punk EP with SiCKPiG, Fifty First State, & Boycott The Baptist, fresh tracks from X, Basic Bitches, Indifferent Engine, Motel Portrait, Private Function, Wolves Attack!!, Fingernails, Sky Tigers, Torn Fabriks, Blag Dahlia & Mickey Avalon, reissues from Rose Tattoo & Midnight Evils, and faves from years past!

X- Goodbye Year, Goodbye
Crumbs- Shakespeare
Basic Bitches- Scarface
Indifferent Engine- Tachikoma
Ruin- Life After Life
Rubber City Rebels- Rubber City Rebels
Paint It Black- Props for Ventriloquism
Scheisse Minnelli- When Skateboarding was a Crime
Motel Portrait- Lie To Me
Black Fork- Who Put the Narc in Anarchy?
Briefs- Poor and Weird
Anti-Nowhere League- So What?
Private Function- Irresponsible Dog Owner (I’m A)
Kohti Tuhoa- Pyrkreida Paratiis
Wolves Attack- Camp Wolf
Nunslaughter- Satanic Slut
Rose Tattoo- Nice Boys
Midnight Evils- Gone to the Dogs
BellRays- Revolution Get Down
BellRays- Stupid Fucking People
BellRays- Zero PM
Lisa Kakaula- Hear Me Knockin’
Blag Dahlia & Mickey Avalon- Bitches and Hos
Stacey Dee- Are You Ready For Us?
Dwarves- Everybody’s Girl
Nomeansno- Sex Mad
Trigger Cut- Hellcat Bob
Sickpig- Straight Outta Rampton
Fifty First State- Intelligent Advert
Boycott the Baptist- War Torn Existence
Fingernails- I’ll Go to Hell
Sky Tigers- Speak and Destroy
Torn Fabriks- Idiocracy Layers
Dystopia- Love // Hate
Sepultura- Amen