23 November 2020

Losin It With Luscious show #28 Punks & Pat Wright!

Originally broadcast on 23-11-20, Losin’ It With Luscious # 28 is bratty, puerile, mature, thoughtful, nihilistic, subtle, unhinged, opinionated commentary and music thrown at the listener like so much rotten, yet strange fruit. From new unknown talents to punk rock royalty, this episode is no exception!

This features a celebration of Pat Wright, new music from Soul Glo, The Shrinkwrap Killers, The Globs, Dead Panda, Barrakuda McMurder, The Battery Farm, and Jeff Rosenstock, plus faves from years past!

Shrinkwrap Killers- It’s Not A Dead Body Inside This Bag
Zolar X- Timeless
Thought Riot- I Voted for Nader
Dance For Destruction- The Witching Hour
Generation X- Ready Steady Go
Revolvers- No Clash Reunion
Clash- Janie Jones
Capitol Punishment- Capitol Punishment
Iowaska- Ayahuasca
Dead Panda- Spit City
Soul Glo- 29
Deadspot- Addiction
Bored To Death- Hate You More
Zero Boys- Human Body
La Plebe- No No
Scrapy- Skinhead, Boots and Reggae
Los Fastidios- Reggae Rebels
Citizen Fish- Dividing Lines
Rezillos- Flying Saucer Attack
Toxic Reasons- Noise Boys
Minutemen- History Lesson Part 2
Minutemen- This Ain’t No Picnic
Deseos Primitivos- Triste Canción
Self-Inflicted Wounds- The Hostages
City Mouse- Grave 13
Barrakuda McMurder- The Thorns of Life
Mean Jeans- Pop Rocks
Short Attention- On The List
Short Attention- I’m a Pop Crunk Girl
Short Attention- Cell Phone
Kenny and the Car Parks- Top Speed
MC Five- Teenage Lust
Sonics- You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
Figures Of Light- Gimme Gimme Gimme
Black Flag- Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
One Man Army- Stuck In The Avenues
Battery Farm- Excellent Public Speaker
Bulimia Banquet- Curse Me
Jeff Rosenstock- Scram
Influents- Simple Girl
Globs- Rebel Girl