22 July 2020

Losin It With Luscious #11 Punk premieres & paeans!

Originally broadcast on 20-07-20, Tonight brings the world premiere of Scene Killers, plus unreleased future faves from Round Eye & Cold Callers, just released new songs from Broadway Calls & the Uppers, a band face-off, and a musical tribute to Canadian punk legend Chi Pig of SNFU!

Negazione- Tutti Pazzi
Aerobitch- How Many Times
SNFU- She’s Not On The Menu
SNFU- Electric Chair
SNFU- Cannibal Café
Night Birds- My Dad is the BTK
Witch Hunt- Septa Death
Round Eye- Smokestack
Alkaline Trio- If We Never Go Inside
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown
Pleasure Venom- Hive
Life’s Blood- Human Power
Warzone- Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets
Slapshot- Chameleon
Slapshot- I’ve Had Enough
Cro-Mags- Hard Times
Cro-Mags- Face The Facts
Radio Birdman- Aloha Steve and Danno
Mr. T Experience- Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Broadway Calls- Always On The Run
Feederz- Day By Day
Scene Killers- Not So Working Class
Short Attention- Not So Working Class
Cold Callers- Numb Thoughts
Kool and the Gangbangers- Living with the Pigs
Uppers- In Love
Heartbreakers- I Wanna Be Loved
War On Women- Predator In Chief
L.E.S. Stitches- Stuck In A Phase
UK Subs- Thunderbird Wine
Kicker- Wankers on the Bus
Culturcide- The Heart of R’n’R (Is The Profit)
Dicks- Saturday Night At The Bookstore
Gay Agenda- Friends Without Benefits
Voetsek- Terror on the Dance Floor
Poison Idea- Taken By Surprise
Nunslaughter- Thou Art In The Kingdom of Hell
Nothing Clean- First the Worst
Noothgrush- Oil Removed
Neurosis- Stalemate
Neurosis- Blisters