01 November 2021

Losin It With Luscious: It’s Jesse’s Birthday Show of Punk, Punk, & a bit of Punk!


Hear Jesse Luscious celebrate his real birthday* as he spins more than 45 punk songs he loves- from new to old to classic to obscure, there’s a ton to rock out to over these 2 blazing hours! Nowhere near 100% comprehensive but more than 100% rockin’, it’s a whirlwind of old friends, new faves, and proof that life is excellent (although the tap water tastes like excrement)!

*- Last month he marked his 35th Punk birthday on MMH, but this is his actual birthday, as in when Ma Luscious gave him the boot and inflicted him on the rest of us!

Aerobitch- Hey Jimmy
Aerobitch- Queen of Rocknroll
Adicts- Viva La Revolution
7 Seconds- Young ‘Til I Die
7 Seconds- Clenched Fist, Black Eyes
War On Women- Lone Wolves
War On Women- White Lies
Freeze- Broken Bones
Freeze- Trouble If You Hide
Gr’ups- Red Riding Hood
Gr’ups- Rockabilly Song
D.O.A.- The Prisoner
D.O.A.- My Old Man’s A Bum
Dayglo Abortions- Wake Up America
Dayglo Abortions- Proud To Be A Canadian
Subhumans- Fuck You
Anti-Nowhere League- So What
G.G. Allin- I Wanna Fuck Myself
Bi-Tyrant- The Vagina Song
Dwarves- Free Cocaine
Dwarves- Fuck ‘Em All
Dwarves- Pimp
La Plebe- Bella Ciao
La Plebe- Campesino
Operation Ivy- Sound System
Rancid- Up To No Good
Rancid- Rejected
Filth- The List
Christ On Parade- Teach Your Children Well
Cock Sparrer- Take ‘Em All
Bobby Funk- I’m A Cat
Dead Kennedys- Police Truck
Dead Milkmen- Tiny Town
Flipper- Ha Ha Ha
City Mouse- Dumb Dumb Dumb
Bad Brains- Riot Squad
Dicks- Hate The Police
M.D.C.- John Wayne Was A Nazi
Pansy Division- Bunnies
D.I.- Obnoxious
Zeke- Mystery Train
Zero Boys- Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds
Sloppy Seconds- Janie Is A Nazi
N.O.T.A.- Redneck Mentality
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Mac Nuggits- Life Is Excellent

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