04 October 2021

Losin It With Luscious celebrates Jesse‘s 35th Punk Birthday!

Celebrate Jesse banging his head against the punk rock for 35 years with new tracks from The Chisel, Nature Boys, and Millie Manders and the Shutup, classic punk tunes, the Luscious Listener’s Choice, and a look at the diverse punks & weirdos who made Jesse the freak he is today!

Chisel- Not The Only One
Cockney Rejects- Greatest Cockney Rejects
Adicts- Viva La Revolution
Menace- Carry No Banners
Millie Manders and the Shutup- Here We Go Again
Matamoska!- East L.A.
Nature Boys- Drone Zone
Jawbreaker- Do You Still Hate Me?
Electric Love Muffin- Drunk and Horny
Electric Love Muffin- Down Easy
Electric Love Muffin- The Muffin March
Dead Milkmen- Bitchin Camaro
Dead Milkmen- Takin Retards To The Zoo
Dead Milkmen- Dean’s Dream
Ruin- Taster
Ruin- Proof
Ruin- Real Good Time
F.O.D.- Chinese Food
F.O.D.- Mad House
F.O.D.- Metal Plate
More Fiends- Wild West Philly
More Fiends- Vinyl Grind
More Fiends- Time-Warp Bio-Feedback Amphetamine Nightmare (live on WKDU 4 Oct 1988)
Scram- Here Tonight
Trained Attack Dogs- Clean Your Own House
Pagan Babies- Well Oiled Redneck
Orifice- I Am The Machine
She Males- Love Crawl
Deadspot- Addiction
McRad- McShred
McRad- Dead By Dawn

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