30 May 2022

Losin It With Luscious #99 Guns, Punx, & underground gigs!


Hear American expat Jesse Luscious talk about gun massacres as a former US gun owner, spin some unreleased and brand new underground punk & metal from Prey, Krause, Tension Span (w/ Noah/Neurosis), Mop Buckets, Hound Master, Too Piste, Sin Soto, Charger (w/ Matt Freeman/Rancid), Municipal Waste, Pulled Apart By Horses, Sniff (w/ Alex/Bobby Funk), Mark Murphy and the Meds, Sack, URDR, Cable Ties, & The Neutrals, classic punk & metal from Flesh Eaters, DOA, Cock Sparrer, Fea, Territories, Subhumans (UK), Sepultura, Melvins, Unsane, Flipper, Floor Notes (w/ Miski Dee/City Mouse), & Daily Terror, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!


Cable Ties- Pillow
Neutrals- Gary Borthwick Says
Subhumans- Mickey Mouse Is Dead
Tension Span- Problem People
Fea- ICU
Abbott and Costello- Who’s On First
Mop Buckets- Happy
Territories- The Lockdown
Hound Master- Danger! Police?
Too Piste- I Think So, I Hope So, Maybe, No
Melvins- Love Thing
Melvins- Ever Since My Accident
Municipal Waste- High Speed Steel
Charger- Forsaken Soul
Sin Soto- Celestial II
Sepultura- Territory
Krause- Talentless But Connected
Unsane- Ha Ha Ha
Flipper- Life Is Cheap
URDR- Chasm
Prey- PC Mad
Prey- Try Praying
Sniff- Queer
Floor Notes- Hialeah Blues
Flesh Eaters- The Wedding Dice
Sack- Wet Banana
Mark Murphy and the Meds- Therapy Room Ten
Pulled Apart By Horses- Rinse And Repeat
Cyanide Pills- Suicide Bomber
Daily Terror- ABC Alarm
Cock Sparrer- A.U.
D.O.A.- America The Beautiful


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