09 May 2022

Losin It With Luscious #96 Tribute to Gabe Serbian/The Locust & Old City Philly hiphop punx interview


We pay tribute to Gabe Serbian of The Locust, debut an unreleased Old City track & also hear Jesse interview TR38CHO of Old City, spin new punk from Mean Jeans, Dubtones, Chammeili, Nervous Triggers, Heat Inc, & Unpop, play classics from War On Women, Undertones, Rezillos, Clash, Briefs, Citizen Fish, Iggy and the Stooges, Poly Styrene, Disposeable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Head, Black Cat Music, Henrietta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters, Luke Henshaw & Gabe Serbian, Retox, The Locust, Dickies, Uranium Club, Night Birds, Dils, Black Flag, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Chammeili- Take Me
Unpop- Imperfect
Undertones- Jimmy Jimmy
Rezillos- It Gets Me
Briefs- GMO Mosquito
Dubtones- Class War Baby
Dils- Class War
Black Flag- Room 13 (Damaged)
Locust- Doing the Unnecessary for the Ungrateful
Retox- Let’s Not Keep In Touch
Luke Henshaw & Gabe Serbian- High Strangeness
Henrietta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters- Drive By Shooting
Heat Inc- Little Knuckle Charlie
Black Cat Music- Hands In The Estuary, Torso In The Lake
Uranium Club- Grease Monkey
Dickies- Manny Moe And Jack
Head- The Hate Van
Mean Jeans- My Body Is A Wasteland
Old City- Sixers (feat. MURS)
Old City- Strange System
Old City- Jump Off
Old City- DK3
Old City- Class Act
War On Women- Pro-Life?
Disposeable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy- California Uber Alles
Poly Styrene- Thrash City
Citizen Fish- Give Me Beethoven…
Clash- Spanish Bombs
Nervous Triggers- Beach Coma
Night Birds- Radium Girls
Stooges- Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

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