02 May 2022

Losin It With Luscious #95 Bongzilla, Instant Ruin, & seedy San Fran punk!

This week hear the newest punk insanity from Brad Logan (F-Minus, Leftover Crack, Adolescents) & Gabba (Chaos UK): Instant Ruin! Jesse also visits with Jay Crash & Bongzilla & dives into the seedier side of San Francisco 80s punk.

In the midst of all of that, hear brand new tracks from Suede Razors, Snuff, Abertooth Lincoln, Street Diamonds, Krause, & Charger, faves from Stiff Little Fingers, Cybermen, Heartbreakers, Briefs, Nomeansno, Warlock Pinchers, Arnocorps, Mr. T Experience, Killdozer, Children Of Technology, Los Revolucionarios, Lewd, Fuck-Ups, Fang, Verbal Abuse, Frightwig, Filth, Jack Acid, Toxic Reasons, Witch Hunt, Unsane, MDC, Radioactive Rats, War On Women, UK Subs, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!
Snuff- Green Glass Chippings
Stiff Little Fingers- Wasted Life (Edit)
Cybermen- Where’s The New Wave
Heartbreakers- Baby Talk
Suede Razors- British Singles
Briefs- Looking Through Gary Glitter’s Eyes
Abertooth Lincoln- Hell House
Nomeansno- It’s Catching Up
Instant Ruin- Yer Future (demo)
Warlock Pinchers- Where The Hell Is Crispin Glover?
U.K. Subs- Warhead
War On Women- Silence Is The Gift
Radioactive Rats- Break The Silence
M.D.C.- The Crime Of Rape
Krause- Hot Bods And Prohibition
Unsane- No Chance
Witch Hunt- Septa Death
Toxic Reasons- Drunk & Disorderly
Jack Acid- Lonely
Street Diamonds- ACAB
Filth- The List
Frightwig- Hot Papa
Verbal Abuse- V.A. Rocks Your Liver
Fang- The Money Will Roll Right In
Fuck-Ups- I Think Your Shit
Fuck-Ups- I Hate You
Lewd – Mobile Home
Los Revolucionarios- Born
Children Of Technology- Soundtrack Of No Future
Bongzilla- High Like A Dog
Killdozer- Cinnamon Girl
Charger- Will To Survive
Arnocorps- Scavenger Hunt
Mr. T Experience- I Just Wanna Do It With You

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