19 April 2022

Losin It With Luscious #93 Punk Tribute to Chris Bailey/The Saints & the newest punk & thrash!

We celebrate Chris Bailey/The Saints (RIP 9 April 2022), spin rippin’ new tunes from Charger, Deaf Lingo, NEXØ, Interrupters, Aivolävistys, Fuera De Sektor, Permanent Mistakes, & Baabes, rock out to classics from 999, Bikini Kill, Cro-Mags, Aerobitch, Dangerfields, Bellrays, AC/DC, Pagans, Social Distortion, Red C, Minor Threat, Arrivals, Rancid, Wire, Martha, Benny, & The Damned, and as always, marvel at the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Charger- Summon The Demon
Charger- Stand Fight Or Die
Bellrays- Get It Right
Cro-Mags- Face The Facts
Dangerfields- Rock Club
AC/DC- It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock ‘N’ Roll)
Aerobitch- You Wanna Know (2000 CDEP)
Social Distortion- Telling Them
Deaf Lingo- Antisocial
Pagans- Not Now No Way
999- Nasty! Nasty!
Benny- The Right True End
Martha- Brutalism By The River (Arrhythmia)
Talk Show Host- Syntax Error OK
Saints- I’m Stranded (Live at the Hope and Anchor 1977)
Saints- This Perfect Day (Live at the Hope and Anchor 1977)
Saints- Know Your Product
Saints- No, Your Product
Saints- Private Affair
Saints- International Robots
Saints- Untitled
Damned- I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
Interrupters- In The Mirror
Rancid- Up To No Good
Fuera De Sektor- Viejas Trampas
Wire- Mr. Suit
Wire- Brazil
Baabes- Too Cool For Pants
Bikini Kill- Liar
Permanent Mistakes- Permanent Mistakes
Permanent Mistakes- Anchor
Arrivals- The Last Testament
Aivolävistys- Ajatusksia Ja Rukooksia
Red C- Pressure’s On
Minor Threat- Think Again
NEXØ- Demise


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