04 April 2022

Losin It With Luscious #91 Meeting a Radio Idol & Unity w/ Ukraine’s punks!



Hear Jesse meet one of his all-time heroes yesterday, celebrate Fucked Up’s 2011 classic LP, support Ukraine Punx from your screen, dig into brand new & reissued punk from Amyl & the Sniffers, 999, Chiffon Magnifique, Schlong, Death Pills, Deaf Lingo, Aivolävistys, Fuera De Sektor, Schlong, The Jars, Tension Span, & Sea Lung, enjoy classics from Ramones, McRad, Stooges, Virus Nine, Legendary Shack Shakers, Coathangers, Dead Milkmen, Rancid, Hammerbombs, Negazione, Booze And Glory, Reminded, Dee Dee King, Snuff, Dead To Me, TSOL, Dash Rip Rock, and marvel at the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Schlong- Top Of The World
WKRP- Opening Theme
Mc Rad- Dead By Dawn
Virus Nine- Scars and Stripes
Sea Lungs- Piss Up A Rope
Tension Span- Human Scrapyard
Chiffon Magnifique- Abomination
Jars- Time Of The Assassins
Death Pills- Pacuapaneo Eonano
Reminded- Free Fire
Reminded- Lead
Amyl And The Sniffers- Maggot
Booze And Glory- Only Fools Get Caught
Dee Dee King- Poor Little Rich Girl
Rancid- Olympia, WA
Ramones- Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)
Deaf Lingo- Reception
Stooges- Gimme Danger
Fucked Up- The Other Shoe
999- Found Out Too Late
Snuff- Dippy Egg
Coathangers- Follow Me
Hammerbombs- Stupid Love Songs
Dead To Me- Special Professional
T.S.O.L.- Code Blue
Offspring- Beheaded
Aivolävistys- Harvojen Vallesta Harhojen Valtaan
Negazione- Niente
Fuera De Sektor- Necesito Combustible
Dead Milkmen- V.F.W.
Dash Rip Rock- Chariots Of Hell Fire
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers- Easter Flesh


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