21 February 2022

Losin It With Luscious #85 Fun with Punx: From L7 to Discharge to Face To Face to much more!

Love is in the air (yuck!) with brand new tracks from Chubby and the Gang, Face To Face, Grumpster, Da Groins, Dobermen, Mark Murphy and the Meds, The Muslims, Let Me Downs, & Manic Hispanic, plus a ton of punk & DIY classics from Shrinkwrap Killers, Avengers, Rudimentary Peni, Cross Stitched Eyes, Queers, Lifeless Dark, Alleycats, L7, Operation Ivy, Legion of Parasites, Partisans, Skull Practitioners, Discharge, MDC, Criminals, The Good The Bad and The Zugly, Dillinger Four, Snuff, Bombpops, Let Me Downs, Grumpster, White Flag, Love Songs, Loudmouth, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Face To Face- A Miss Is As Good As A Mile
Turbonegro- Don’t Say Motherfucker Motherfucker
Dobermen- Triggered
L7- Dispatch from Mar-A-Lago
Da Groins- The General Public
Muslims- Crotch Pop A Cop
Manic Hispanic- Naranjo
Operation Ivy- Sound System
Alleycats- Too Much Junk
Shrinkwrap Killers- It’s Not A Dead Body Inside This Bag
Legion Of Parasites- Condemned To Live In Fear
Partisans- Police Story
Rudimentary Peni- Rotten To The Core
Skull Practitioners- BPPAM
Lifeless Dark- Radiation Sickness
Discharge- Drunk With Power
Cross Stitched Eyes- Redemption
Criminals- Muerte
Avengers- The End Of The World
M.D.C.- Black Christmas
Chubby And The Gang- Who Loves Ya (Coup D’etat)
Queers- Love Me
Good The Bad and the Zugly- I Hate Conversations
Mark Murphy And The Meds- Susie’s Gonna Try
Dillinger Four- Doublewhiskeycokenoice
Snuff- Hey Boff!
Love Songs- Oh The Places You’ll Go Wrong
White Flag- Instant Breakfast
Grumpster- Crash
Loudmouth- Thick And Thin
Let Me Downs- Jameson On Ice
Jawbreaker- Chesterfield King
Bombpops- Marry Fuck Kill

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