31 January 2022

Losin It With Luscious #82 How to write a 2 minute punk song and whiff the teen movie reference!



Not only is there new punk & metal from VVORSE, The Chisel, & Hollywood Stars, you also hear how yours truly wrote an intentionally stupid punk song for The Criminals and, by being stupid, made a stupid mistake involving some classic 80s teen flicks! Add in classics from DOA, Chubby & the Gang, Sham 69, Dystopia, Slayer, L7, TV Crime, Sepultura, Amebix, NY Loose, Dickies, Shandy, Evil Conduct, Allvaret, Angelic Upstarts, Suburban Studs, Nomeansno, Anxieties, Lipstick Pickups, Living End, Arrivals, GG Allin, Pansy Division, Teenage Bottlerocket, eX-Girl, Aunt Sally, Fugazi, and the revamped Luscious Listener’s Choice, and you’ve got a heckuva episode!

The Chisel- Unlawful Execution
D.O.A.- The Enemy
Chubby and the Gang- The Rise and Fall of the Gang
Sham 69- I Don’t Wanna (Tell Us The Truth)
Allvaret- Gatflicka
Angelic Upstarts- Woman In Disguise (Reason Why?)
Suburban Studs- I Hate School
Criminals- My School Sucks
Anxieties- Lab Rats
Lipstick Pickups- Black Cherry Soda Pop
Arrivals- Positively Wall Street
Living End- Roll On
G.G. Allin- You Hate Me and I Hate You
Teenage Bottlerocket- Bloodbath at Burger King
Pansy Division- At The Mall
Fugazi- Merchandise
Nomeansno- Rag ‘n Bones
eX-Girl- Pretty You Ugly
Aunt Sally- Subete Urimoto
Dickies- Fan Mail
Shandy- Ride With You
Evil Conduct- What’s Happening
TV Crime- Man In The Pub
NY Loose- Pretty Suicide
Hollywood Stars- The Bottom
L7- I Came Back To Bitch
VVORSE- Nevar Ta Blakus Lidzi Just
Amebix- Largactyl
Sepultura- Stronger Than Hate
Slayer- Atrocity Vendor
Dystopia- Sleep


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