06 December 2021

Losin It With Luscious #76 New & classic punk from around the planet!


Hear a world exclusive new track from Argentinian garage punks, brand new tracks from Barrera, The Chisel, Rotten Mind, Shearer, Pornographic Sunset, Fat Bastards, White Stains, Tortilla Katour, Kitner, Mahalium, & Horse Heads, plus classic punk from Coathangers, Flipper, X, Poison Idea, Sensation, Hightechnology Suicide, Booze and Glory, Rezillos, Replacements, Black Cat Music, Witch Hunt, Death Traps, Offspring, Arnocorps, Pretty Girls Make Graces, Butthole Surfersm, & Body Count, & the return of the Luscious Listener’s Choice!


White Stains- Strangle You
White Stains- Voyeur
Witch Hunt- War-Coma
Kitner- Disassociate
Tortilla Katour- December 37th 2020
Offspring- Tehran
Offspring- Bad Habit
Horse Heads- Bulldozer
Death Traps- Play The One We Know
Mähälium- Håll bara käft
Poison Idea- Lifestyles
Sensation- No, No, No
Body Count- KKK Bitch
Fat Bastards- Forearms
Arnocorps- You Lack Discipline
Hightechnology Suicide- Track 5, Disc 1 Suicide Mach Go! Go!
Butthole Surfers- The O-Men (Locust Abortion Technician)
Pretty Girls Make Graves- The Getaway
Black Cat Music- Hands In The Estuary, Torso In The Lake
Pornographic Sunset- Dead People
Coathangers- Dead Battery
Shearer- Home
X- Free
– Mi Planeta Rosa
Replacements- Treatment Bound
Rotten Mind- Serpent Eyes
Rezillos- Top Of The Pops
Chisel- Tooth And Nail
Booze And Glory- Working Class Hero
Barrera- Visiones Nocturnas
Flipper- Life Is Cheap


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