15 November 2021

Losin It With Luscious #74 Oakland punks Glowing Brain & Jesse’s got Covid!

This week I chat with Oakland’s long-hair punks Glowing Brain and present the WORLD PREMIERE of their track “Everyone Higher Than Everyone Else”, spin DIY punk Rancid covers from “And Out Come The Lawsuits”, play new tracks from Naked Raygun, Vaxxines, Vic Bondi, Neckscars, The Last Gang, The Chisel, Las Ratapunks, Deathtraps, The Path, & Extinction A.D., and spin classics from The Misfits, Angelic Upstarts, NOTA, Naked Aggression, Slapshot, The Pathogens, The Clash, The Pagans, The Lincolns, Zorn, Minor Threat, Jeff Beck & Billy Gibbons (?!), & Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards- plus the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Bonus: I tested positive for Covid right before this show so you’ll get to hear how the ‘Rona affects yours truly on the air. Should be a wild ride!
Danger Inc.- As Wicked
Little Debbie and the Crusaders- 11th Hour
Vantana Row- She’s Automatic
Angelboy and the Halos- The Wars End
Deathtraps- Let’s Fall Out of Love
Neckscars- Born Sick
Las Ratapunks- Apatia
Chisel- Come See Me
Clash- Cheat
Pagans- Dead End America
Naked Raygun- Living In The Good Times
Angelic Upstarts- Two Million Voices (title track)
Last Gang- WFTW
Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards- Skunx
Vaxxines- Whiskey Business
Pathogens- Rattle The Cage
Path- East Coast Funeral
Path- Spread Plague
Psychic Weight- Pre-Post-Security Blues
Glowing Brain- Stooge
Glowing Brain- Brain Dust
Glowing Brain- Everyone Higher Than Everyone Else
Slapshot No Friend of Mine
Vic Bondi- Hang Up Your Boots
Jeff Beck & Billy Gibbons- Sixteen Tons
Misfits- Bullet
Minor Threat- Straight Edge
Naked Aggression- They Can’t Get Me Down
N.O.T.A.- I Should Kill You
Zorn- ickle Blessing
Lincolns- Violent Sex
Extinction A.D.- Propaganda

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