18 October 2021

Losin It With Luscious #71 Spindrift interview: Soundtrack Punks & a world debut!

On show #71, Jesse talks with Kirpatrick Thomas bandleader of SPINDRIFT, the legendary band that scores films, writes westerns, tours ghost towns, and so much more! We hear the World Premiere of a new song from their upcoming album on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles, plus new tracks from Naked Raygun, Pengshui, Severance Package, Deathtraps, Nuevo Catecismo Catolico & Kurt Baker, Ladybird, Wonk Unit, Nightwatchers, & Escombros. Before the Spindrift interview we also hear classics from the Zero Boys, Rollins Band, Bellrays, Stiff Little Fingers, Bobby Funk, Social Distortion, Witch Hunt, & Christian Death!

Deathtraps- Fuck The Cool Kids
Nuevo Catecismo Catolico and Kurt Baker- Quarantine Blues
Escombros- Selvajismo
Zero Boys- Trying Harder
Naked Raygun- Black And Grey
Bellrays- Snake City
Pengshui- Eat The Rich
Rollins Band- Burned Beyond Recognition
Severance Package- Protest Song
Social Distortion- Mommy’s Little Monster
Ladybird- Infants
Stiff Little Fingers- Law And Order
Wonk Unit- Disco Fever (w/ Isaac/Slaves)
Christian Death- Deathwish
Nightwatchers- G. Kepel, President Whisperer
Bobby Funk- Onion Eyes
Witch Hunt- I Am Guilty
Spindrift- Adavan/Diazapan
Spindrift- Exotic Detonation
Spindrift- MKULTRA
Spindrift- Il Chase Della Morte
Spindrift- The Matador and The Fuzz (live in France, 2017)

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