27 April 2021

Losin It With Luscious #49 Punks Ain’t Pusillanimous!

Originally broadcast on 26-04-21, Losin’ It With Luscious # 49 is bratty, puerile, mature, thoughtful, nihilistic, subtle, unhinged, opinionated commentary and music thrown at the listener like so much rotten, yet strange fruit. From new unknown talents to punk rock royalty, this episode is no exception!

This week features new tracks from Luscious Listener’s Choice The Oily Boys, Drug Church, Rata Negra, Jakob Mind, Shehehe, Chubby and the Gang, Hot Laundry, All Against, & faves from years past!

Oily Boys- Given
G.B.H.- Race Against Time
Toy Dolls- Bless You My Son/My Girlfriend’s Dad’s A Vicar
World/Inferno Friendship Society- American Mercurial
Drug Church- Tawny
A.F.I.- Affliction
Rata Negra- Lo Sublime
Jakob Mind- Too Fast To See
Siouxsie- Here Comes That Day
Black Tones- Welcome Mr. Pink
No Trend- Teen Love
Frightwig- Punk Rock Jail Bait
Frisco- Diamond Cutter
Shehehe- New Years Eve
Subhumans- Death To The Sickoids
X- Your Phone’s Off The Hook But You’re Not
Chubby and the Gang- Lightning Don’t Strike Twice
Poison Idea- Alan’s On Fire
Big Boy Pete- Nasty Nazi
Born Shit-Stirrers- Alcohol Excuse
Hot Laundry- Shake
Circle Jerks- Wonderful
Bi Tyrant- The Vagina Song
Dash Rip Rock- Chariots of Hellfire
All Against- Masturbation
Otoboke Beaver- Love Is Short
Pist- Right To Choose
Brutally Familiar- Ashamed To Be White
Street Dogs- Locked and Loaded
Randy- A Man In Uniform
Dropkick Murphys- Barroom Hero
Rancid- The Brothels
Trash Knife- All Grown Up


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