10 March 2022

Loaded – 8th March

Loaded with Steve Webb, brings you a weekly fix of old and new alt rock, indie rock, grunge, post punk, punk, shoegaze, electronic and much more! There’s also an occasional classic in tribute to my formative years as co-founder/resident DJ at some of Brum’s finest club nights including the original Edwards No 8, XLs and Xposure Rock Café! So crank the volume up to 11 and get ready for 2 hours of the finest mix of rock n roll!

Loaded Playlist – 08.03.22
Pixies – Human Crime
Year of The Rabbit – Rabbit Hole
Cat SFX – Rodeo
Patron – Who Do You Dance For
Dad Pretties – Confidence
Frightened Rabbit – Holy
Drug Church – Weed Pin
Unwound – Corpse Pose
Reuben – Freddy Krueger
’68 – Nickels & Diamonds
VANT – Do You Know Me
4B2M – This Is Happening
LCD Soundsystem – Us V Them
Pom – Piglet
Biffy Clyro – My Recovery Injection
Wynona Bleach – Glimmer
Sports Team – Here’s The Thing
Momma – Medicine
Dandy Warhols – Godless
Cam Cole – It Doesn’t Have To Be
The Jesus Lizard – Nub
Destroy Boys – Locker Room Bully
New Pagans – Find Fault With Me
October Drift – Losing My Touch
Wand – Scarecrow
Chris Holmes – Remember I Was Vapour
Portugal The Man feat Sir Chloe – Novocaine For The Soul
Frankie & The Witch Fingers – Cookin’