03 February 2019

King King 10th Anniversary Tour (Farewell to a King)



King King Live @ Rock City Nottingham 31/01/2019

Words & Images Copyrighted Manny Manson

King King start 2019 with the ’10th Anniversary Tour’, the opening night being in Drummer, Waynes, home town of Nottingham at arguably the best venue in the East Midlands ‘Rock City’

Getting underway after a rapturous entrance from the crowd we have ‘Broken’ the last song on side one of the Vinyl edition of the latest album ‘Exile & Grace’. 5 tracks in total feature off the new album. the rest of the set making room for some oldies and firm fan favourites, such as ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Waking Up’, ‘Crazy’ and set finisher, ‘Old Love’. The firm crowd pleaser and my stand out track is ‘You Stopped The Rain’ which gets dedicated to Alan’s big brother Stevie as always.

This tour is tinged with a certain sadness. Alan thanks everyone for being with the band for its first 10 years, amazed how the idea that Lindsay Coulson approached him with has gone on to be so big. The sadness is that after this tour finishes, Lindsay has decided to leave the band for fresh pastures. The replacement Bass player will be unveiled at the Glasgow show. And no amount of trying could I get a name from anyone including Mick on the merch’ desk. Bah Humbug no scoop here I’m afraid.

The band were on fire, Alan’s sublime vocals, all healed up it would seem, is back to sounding like dripping honey. his delicate rasp fluffing the edges like a soft pillow around each word. His guitar is harmonious with his vocal. Lindsay, forever in the background stayed out of the limelight, shrouded in smoke and low light he banged out the steady bass rhythm that has become the backbone of the King King sound he and Wayne od drums delivering a reliable steady pulse that pumps life through the veins of the band leaving Alan and Johnny to embellish as and were its required. Johnny with his specs low on his nose and his leather jacket has slotted into the spot held by Bob Fridzema effortlessly, in fact, you’d think he’d been there all the time as is the seamless changeover. He’s already garnished many fans amongst the ladies that regularly follow the band.

With an all to short set, the band finish of the evening with a two-song encore, again a couple of oldies in ‘Take my Hand’ and ‘Old Love’. this included a virtuoso moment from Alan at the edge of the stage playing to his fan club, a subtle solo with highs and lows but never overstated. Sadly he never turned the volume right down as he has before. In doing this the only sound you can hear is the un amplified strings being picked. A great self-indulgent moment and one respected by the crowd.

A cracking night tinged with sadness. 2019 heralds a new beginning for King King, will they break America, with Alan in a kilt and the boys behind him who can resist……

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