28 February 2017

Interview: Maurizio Iacono of EX DEO

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To coincide with the release of The Immortal Wars last week we tasked Rebecca Collins with firing some questions at Ex Deo’s Maurizio Iacono.

RC: Ex Deo is back with The Immortal Wars (out 24 February 2017) – what can you tell us about the sound of this album compared to Caligvla and Romulus?
MI: Much more mature sounding album in composition and also the sound itself. We work very hard at making this stand out. Jens Borgren has done an excellent job on the mixing end as well.

RC: On your previous albums you’ve featured guest appearances, such as Nergal (Behemoth) and Seth Siro (Septic Flesh) – can you tell us if you’ve worked with anyone on this album?
MI: This album we decided to keep it to ourselves, it’s a concept album and it didn’t need anyone on it.

RC: You went on hiatus after Caligvla, how did you decide now was the time to resurrect the project and record a new album?

MI: It was getting heavy between Kataklysm and Ex Deo both bands growing our families back home growing as well, we needed to take a decision on touring, we decided to make it easy and keep Kataklysm as the road warrior band and keep Ex Deo as a studio band with maybe the occasional tour or shows, if time permits.
RC: The Immortal Wars focusses on the Punic Wars, this seems an unusual choice as it saw a 15 year period of the Romans avoiding conflict with Hannibal. What drew you to this period?
MI: It has a lot of meaningful things that relate to today’s world. Hannibal and Scipio were two of the greatest generals that ever walked the earth. The cat mouse style warfare they inflicted and strategies they used changed warfare forever. I think it’s a great concept for a metal album

RC: Those familiar with the period will be aware of Scipio and Hannibal’s discussion of who was the greatest general, who would you pick and why?
MI: History is written by the victor: Scipio. There are no participation medals in War 😉

RC: Can we look forward to some live shows here in the UK soon? (Please say yes!)
MI: So far we have not decided to play live with Ex Deo, but we are open to some open airs, we had a great time at Bloodstock. We would probably do that one again if invited.

RC: Kataklysm or Ex Deo – do you have a preferred project? Do you feel like you get different things out of them creatively?
MI: Two different worlds, one is an anger filled social-based band that deals with modern emotions the other is an epic journey into History and testosterone filled angst, I love both 🙂

RC: Do you think Roman history matters in the modern world? What is it about it that inspires you?
MI: It does, it’s everywhere around you, they influenced the world in a major way like no other. Its great factual storytelling concept for a metal band because it’s real, it happened and it’s got lots of everything blood, sex, fire, etc.

RC: If you could go back and meet anyone from the ancient world who would it be and what would you say to them?
MI:  Julius Caesar  – “Teach me everything”.

Thanks so much Maurizio.