26 May 2015

Imminence Records Signs Hardcore Punkers Infidel, Self-Titled EP Releasing June 23rd

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Imminence Records is pleased to announce that they have signed Detroit hardcore punk outfit Infidel. Vocalist and Navy veteran Andrew Thomas had this to say, “We are stoked to be signed by Imminence Records, and what made it even more memorable was signing the contract the same day we played with one of our biggest influences Expire.” Andrew continued with the band’s ideology, “We love America but it seems most hardcore bands like to trash talk America and only offer destruction instead of solutions. People forget the simple things we do every day that some people don’t. Life is good here but as a species and nation we should always push for progression.”

Along with the signing announcement, Infidel is also pleased to announce that their self-titled EP will be released June 23rd.Andrew commented on what listeners can expect from the band by saying, “We offer a solid blend of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore. We combined old school with new school in a tasteful way. Lyrically you can expect to hear about several topics, ranging from animal rights to patriotism under fire. We also touch base on police injustices, the two political party system and to never give up on life when the road gets tough. We also threw in a cover of “What Happened?” by H2O as we think the scene needs to hear this song again.” The band will be playing shows throughout the year while writing their debut full length to be released sometime next year.

INFIDEL (June 23rd)

1. Patriotism Under Fire
2. What We’re Made Of
3. Call Of The Wild (Feat Keith Allen of GhostxShip)
4. Protect And Serve (Fear DJ Bean of For All Who Fail)
5. Politics
6. What Happened? (H2O Cover)