16 October 2016

Illustr8ors And Toseland

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All Images Copyrighted by Manny Manson

Live from the Basement, Rock City, Nottingham

With a 2 times World Super bike World Champion in the house it was obvious that the two wheel fraternity would be present in their droves … This was certainly the case, as when Jamie Toseland and his band hit the stage I couldn’t get anywhere near to photograph him. There was no pit for safety. All was good as his Sound Engineer let me shoot over his shoulder from the safe refuge of his Sound desk riser. The stage was dark and moody which meant I had to push the ISO to get anything at all, especially with the backlighting being used.

The support band, the Illustr8ors, had a great reception from the Bike clan that had gathered. A young girl in a wheel chair, her umpteenth time seeing Toseland this year and at least 3 more to come, had likened them to a pop rock band. she was very much infatuated with Mr Toseland. And who could blame her, he’s a healthy, succesful young lad, just ask Mrs Toseland or rather Katie Melua !!