11 April 2018

House Of Loud 08.04.18

Clear your hangover and get yourself ready for the day ahead with a smattering of Classic Rock and Metal from the ’70’s and 80’s with a little overlap into the 90’s including a healthy dash of NWoBHM to boot!




Bitches Sin – Down the Road

Box of Frogs – Poor boy

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Sledgehammer

Cloven Hoof – Gates of Gehanna

Faster PussyCat – Bathroom wall

Gillan – Running white faced city boy

Golden earring – Kill me (ce soir)

Hanoi Rocks – Tooting Bec Wreck

Iron Maiden – Killers

Little Angels – Product of the working class

Living Colour – Which way to America

Masters of Reality – She got mine (with her red dress on)

Metallica – Cold Stone Crazy

Motorhead – Just cos you got the power

Mr Big (UK) – Sweet silence

Nazareth – Razamanaz

Nightranger – Don’t tell me you love me

Rock Goddess – Heavy Metal Rock n Roll

Scorpions – Make it real

The Rods – Power lover

Twisted Sister – Tear it loose

UFO – Love to Love

Zodiac Mindwarp – Driving on Holy gasoline