02 January 2022

Heresy with Adz Review of 2021 01.01.2022

The first podcast of Heresy in 2022 is now available for you to download and listen to at you pleasure.

This week I took a look back through 2021 and chose two of my favourite releases from each month


Front Line Assembly – Stifle
Chmcl Str8jckt – Texas
Sex Gang Children – Death Mask Mussolini
Helalyn Flowers – I Don’t Like You
Gary Numan – Saints and Liars
Featured ft Mia FluxXx – Ameri Can
I Ya Toyah – Pray
Drew Freeman & Dominique Renard – Dreamscape
Health / Nine Inch Nails – Isn’t Everyone
SKYND – Michelle Carter
Garbage – The Creeps
The Joy Thieves – American Parasite
Caroline blind / Rich W – Cold
Bellhead – Nothing As It Seems
Ghost Dance – Falling Down
Unitcode:Machine – Lose It All
Vampyrean ft Chris Pohl – Your Nightmare
Placebo – Beautiful James
Modal Citizan – Capture
Ministry – Disinformation
Holy Wars – Get Mine
Josie Pace – Underestimated
Beauty In Chaos ft Elena Alice Fossi – The Kiss Of The World
Jyrki 69 ft Rosetta Stone – Dreamtime

You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm (GMT)