01 May 2022

Heresy with Adz 30.04.2022





If you missed Heresy last night, you can now catch the podcast.

On #HeresysQuantumLeap we had Grooving In Green. Bjork starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites and Nosferatu took a joyride #OnTheFlipside


Blood Dance ft Bari Bari – Burn Slow
Shhadows ft Sorrows – Out For Blood
The Faces Of Sarah – Here Is Now
Rein – Dystopia
X Marks The Pedwalk – Into The Light
Bjork – Venus As A Boy
Scriptures – El Nino
Corpus Delicti – Noxious
Suffer Ring – Amaxophobia
Modal Citizan – The Hunter (Hunt Them, Hurt Them)
Nosferatu – Her Heaven (Angelic Mix)
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
A Perfect Error – Straightline
Jessi Frey – Antifragile
Head Cut – Ojos En La Luna
Bellhead – No Big Deal
Sick Jokes – This Is The End
Yama Uba – Isolation
Grooving In Green – Premonition
Grooving In Green – Hope
Bestial Mouths – I Am The Spell
Paradox Obscur – Krankes Herz


You can listen to Heresy every Saturday at 10pm (BST)